Children and War

Topics: Human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, World War II Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Children as soldiers is a phenomenon that is so far fetched in our culture that to believe that other countries have these kids in combat zones is implausible. The realities of these young children soldiers are real and many of these young lives are lost. These young children are recruited in a number of ways, the immense aftermath is undeniable, and the factors, such as environmental, physical, and economic, that encircle their basic need to survive. Children are not born to kill, they are taught. The judicial system and the controversies surrounding the prosecution of child soldiers are ongoing. Although there are several organizations, foundations, and associations that are combating these occurrences, the fact of the matter is, until awareness is increased and the truth is put out there, struggles to defend the human rights and social justice are going to be continuing.

Children on the battlefield have been found throughout history. From the biblical times to World War II, children have been used to fight because of their vulnerability, small size, and their need for survival. These children are exploited from regions in Africa, Iran, Cambodia, Australia, Afghanistan, Canada, and even in the United States. A child under the age of 18 would be considered a child. In the US, a 17 year old child could become a soldier with their parent’s approval. Wouldn’t that be considered a child soldier, even if they were not allowed to be deployed off the US soil?

The recurring premise in regards to the articles and videos of children and war was the recruitment of these children. Many are kidnapped, forced, “sold” by their family, and others volunteer themselves for reasons such as survival, avenge, and/or their own cultural ideologies. The consequences of these children being exposed to killings, torture, and warfare are similar as well. The psychological, psychical, and emotional end result for these children is devastating. They are...
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