Children and the Imagination

Topics: Mind, Learning, Children's literature Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: July 19, 2012
Kailtynn Lanciault
Illustration Essay
English 101
June 14, 2012
Dr. St. John
Children and Their Imagination
When a child is between the ages of 3 and 8 they go through a stage where they talk to someone or something that is not physically there. This happens when children start to use their imagination. A child’s imagination can be a very mind blowing thing because without it they will have trouble learning and developing certain skills that can be essential to life. There are many ways that children can express their imagination; Art, reading and role-playing are all great ways an methods that allow children to express their imagination through thoughts and feelings. When children draw the outcome is typically nothing but a bunch of random unconnected lines along with a cluster of colors, but to them it is so much more. Art is a great way for anyone to express their own thoughts and feelings. For a child their mind is constantly racing from one extreme to another. When they are apply to draw the poses a great power called an imagination, they can create things by using their imagination. Yes, the pictures that children draw are very random and a cluster of colors and pictures. A picture of a square can be a picture of millions of fish in a fish tank with huge whales and vibrant colors to express their imagination, but in reality it is just a typical square with four straight continuous connecting lines. For a child painting this picture of colors and lines can lead to so much more in their future. Although art has a major influence on children’s ability to express their self, reading allows them to use their imagination in a different context. When you read a child a book it tends to be a picture book or pop-up book so they can visually see the figures or character’s in the story. Doing so allows them to use their imagination and paint a vivid image of what is going on in their heads. Such as my brother for example he loves air planes. So...
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