Children and Discipline

Topics: Teacher, Childhood, Education Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: November 5, 2006
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1.My personal philosophy on discipline is that I feel that all children are different. Some children are quiet and shy while others are talkative and outgoing. Some children are people pleasers which mean they do not want to do anything that will upset their parent or guardian. While there are some children that do not care who they make mad as long as they get their way. So for each child there has to be different types of discipline. I believe that children misbehave for many reasons. Some children just simply are starved for attention and want it regardless if it is negative or not. Some children are hyperactive just enough so that they do not need medication but need some consistency in their lives. I also find that children that misbehave in a school setting have not been taught how to behave at home; they have no guidance to help them when they are away from home so they really do not know any different.

2.I agree with these two models because I to feel that as adults that we are the role model for these children. While most children do have positive role models there are a majority that the only role models they will ever encounter are teachers. I as an educator and a parent feel it is very important to show respect and we should in most cases automatically receive it if we have shown it. I know there are some kids that no matter how good we are to them that they just can't be changed but I believe that with a lot of hard work and effort that we can make a difference in each child's life that we touch. The Assertive Discipline and Positive Classroom Discipline are the two that I think are most alike. The focus of both is to maintain a calm classroom with an environment that establishes routines and encourages good behavior. The logic is basically the same they both believe that all students have the right to learn in a nondisruptive environment while the teacher demands respect and will give respect in return.

3.I really...
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