Children's Discipline

Topics: Spanking, Parent, The Child Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Children’s Discipline
As a parent of a three year old little girl, I know firsthand that time-out and discipline like that does not work well. When she acts up, she needs a good old-fashioned spanking. There are many people that claim spankings teach bad behaviors and scar children in the long run. I am here to say that I absolutely got my fair share of spankings when I was younger and I turned out just fine. Disciplining our children is one of the most important parts of parenting that there is. We are here to teach our children the difference between right and wrong and spankings are part of the process. It is truly sad that so many parents are scared to spank their children, especially in public, because of so much being said about it being abuse. The idea of a spanking is so that the child does not forget it, not necessarily hurt them but to let them know that their negative actions will not be tolerated.

As a parent, we all know our limits and how well we can deal with our children. I know that my daughter is going to act out with me when I do not let her get every toy she sees when we go to a store. The best way for me to handle the fit she is going to pitch is to give her a quick spanking. A spanking is a good way to grab the child’s attention, whereas a child can easily tune out a parent and usually forget why they are in time out in the first place. I am not saying beat your child by no means, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with spanking a child when it is deemed necessary. The key is to let them know that it is done out of love, not anger. Doing such discipline out of anger is what leads to abuse.

A major deciding factor on what method of discipline to use is the age of the child. We, as parents, have to figure out what the punishment should be for the age and severity of the action. I have an eleven year old son and a three year old daughter and they are disciplined very differently. Methods that work on my son are things such as...
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