Children's Book Essay

Topics: Learning, Children's literature, Cattle Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: July 7, 2009
Education of Imagination

Reading is unavoidable. Everyone has something of their own interests to read. Seeing, perceiving, and recognizing lines and dots as a form of language is a process that is extremely complicated yet necessary. It is recognized that children vary greatly in both reading ability and level of interest in a topic, and that they do not like reading a book said to be for a younger age group. But just because a book is meant for children does not indicate an adult may not read it. Adults learn differently, for them, learning must be meaningful; they can still accept the ability to learn from reading children’s books. By reading children’s books, it can help them relive the imagination we once had as children, and demonstrate a better connection to classical literature. All this can be experienced through the reading of C.O.W. Boys: Stolen on the river.

Many things can be learnt from the books that children read. One may learn what interests them, what amazes them, and what they are puzzled by. These books explain how children think. It refreshes memory and expands vocabulary. “I been thinking, he said to moo. Before I’m a deputy, I might need a little more experience” (Page 23). This quote demonstrates what the character has learned through his mistake. Morality in

context with this book teaches us the difference between right and wrong. Whether it is a small thing such as stealing or lying. Compared to a big thing such as killing or destroying, it is all equally the same in the eyes of the innocent children. Frye states, "So you soon realize that there's a difference between the world you're living in and the world you want to live in. The world you want to live in is a human world, not an objective one"(Motive for metaphor, Page 4). So this means that the world we live in is filled with facts and figures and leaves little room for imagination. The world we want to live in is carefree, filled with emotions and...
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