Children’s Hospital and Clinics

Topics: Medicine, Hospital, Patient Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: April 27, 2012
Due to a patient near fatal accident, the children’s hospital and clinics were looking for any effort to provide a safety patient culture. Julie Morath was hired in 1999 to improve hospital operations; she wanted to make Safety the top priority of the hospital. Julie Morath directed and begun setting up the Patient Safety Initiative at Children’s Hospital and Clinics by making employees obtain the mindset of safety and building a culture. The key steps to her patient safety initiative were the blameless patient safety reporting system, making focus groups, and setting up a committee of patient safety practice. During each process of the patient safety initiative at Children’s Hospital and Clinics there were many positive and negative effects of each step. The key elements of Patient Safety Initiative were followed by three steps, the first step was presentations that she conducted to the hospital staff about the national research and medical errors. The second step was focus groups that focused on the patient safety issues at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics. The third step was to make the initiative more strategic by developing it. Morath wanted to create a culture where she had the concept of “do not harm” was clearly developed rather than expressly stated. She wanted to focus her culture based on collaboration among others and operations around the science and sense of safety. When she came into Children’s and clinic, her main objective was making safety the top priority. According to exhibit 10, you can see that the safety reports have been steady improving since she got hired. One of the key elements of Patient Safety Initiative was to transform the organizational culture in order to provide an environment that would be able to discuss medical accidents in a proper manner. She wanted to embrace a culture that welcoms communication about safety issues. She enforces the idea of learning from past mistakes rather then pointing fingers whenever there...
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