Childhood Socialization

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Socialization as it relates to the Brofenbrenner model and the Humanistic theory

Socialization is so uniquely simple, making it difficult to identify. Traditionally socialization has been identified under primary, secondary, and developmental socialization. These types of socialization are varying levels of the child’s environment. This goes along with Brofenbrenner’s model that the child grows and develops through different levels of his/her environment. These levels and depths of socialization of a child, is not just for children, but throughout one’s entire lifespan they are socialized.

Brofenbrenner’s model
Brofenbrenner’s Ecological model of development portrays two main broad perspectives of development. One is Exosystem. This includes other people or places that the child may interact with. Things such as the parent’s workplace, extended family members, and the child’s neighborhood would be considered part of the exosystem. I believe this aspect of Brofenbrenner’s model would be relevant with socialization because the broad influence of culture, family, and peers is very important in anyone’s life for development. An example of this would be a child’s parent losing their job and this affects the parent’s capital they are able to supply to their child. The child then feels the effect of this loss by the amount of toys or fun things they have. Usually the child’s basic needs still get met, but in extreme circumstances they feel this loss of the parents’ capital even more when those basic needs are not met.

Another aspect of the Ecological model by Brofenbrenner is the Macrosystem level. In this level it describes the relationship the child has to the greater of society. Things such as the government, general cultural values (such as American culture) and things that happen in that culture such as wars, economy levels, etc. I think these affect a person, especially children for obvious reasons. These things that happen in society develop cohort...
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