Childhood Obesity

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Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is major public health crisis in America. The commonness of childhood obesity had increase over the years. There are many health problems that are due to childhood obesity. Effective strategies need to be put into place to help prevent obesity in children. It is important to address factors that help contribute to childhood obesity and create interventions that will have an impact in helping as well. Childhood obesity can be tackled through safe interventions by healthcare facilitates, schools, and families. This can be done with education, prevention, healthy habits, and physical activities promotion. Also through Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). This approach helps to focus on the process of what needs to be improved rather than the individual alone. CQI principles, tools, and techniques will help create different ways of to help with childhood obesity.


Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. It is the most common chronic disease of childhood. The greatest health risk facing children today is not a terrible disease such as Ebola, it is obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that affects children of all ages. It is particularly troubling because the extra weight usually start children down the path to health problems in their futures. Obesity is a major contributor to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, depression, low self esteem and different types of cancer. The formula for keeping a healthy weight has always been the same, it a balance of the number of calories you consume with the number you burn. One of the best strategies to reduce obesity in children, is to improve diet and exercise habits. Childhood obesity continues to increase since the past decade. Treating and preventing childhood obesity needs to be established at a young age. It is important for parents and children to be educated and focused on making healthy lifestyle choices.

The growing concern for obesity has become a public health concern. Efforts need to be made to prevent this disease from happening in the first place. Its important to get to the root causes of this disease. It is important to target children early in life to prevent unhealthy habits that may lead to obesity. Children are dependent on the nutritional environment and habits in which they grow up in, such as their homes, schools and communities. A shared effort from these groups are important in addressing childhood obesity. Childhood prevention policies should be created to ensure families, schools, and communities with the right tools and information on childhood obesity. Policies that CHILDHOOD OBESITY 4

improve access to healthy foods, support communities with healthy environments, and require healthcare facilities and schools in supporting healthy lifestyles for children. Theses are all great ways to make a positive impact on children's health.

It's important in creating environments in communities and schools, where physical activity and access to healthy foods are the standard. Addressing socioeconomic factors, such as poverty and education, has the largest potential impact on population health (Frieden TR). Communities will also decrease both the health costs and financial burden that childhood obesity generates. In doing so, creating healthier, more vibrant communities for children and families that will help in long term success. Along with education, social and physical environment changes will help with healthy choices and potential have a great impact. Childhood obesity prevention efforts should...

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