childhood obesity

Topics: Obesity, Body mass index, Childhood obesity Pages: 3 (1123 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Analysis of Research Report Paper As a parent, do you worry if your child is at the right weight for his/her age and height? Ever wonder what health risks being overweight might bring? Do worry if your child is getting the right amount of physical activity? Are you on top of keeping up with your child’s physical? The questions mentioned are questions committed parents should be concern about with their children. But unfortunately, there are parents not as concerned as others. In the United States, there are many contributing factors, such as poor habits starting at home, lack of physical activity, and timeless TV or computer time, to childhood obesity that can cause future complications, such as diabetes, and other chronic diseases. However, parents are the principle reason for their child’s weight management troubles. No matter if it is drinking, eating, or physical activity, if parents don’t lead by example, subsequently their children are only going to maintain their detrimental lifestyle. A number of studies have shown that overweight children become overweight adults, with a five- to nine fold increase in adult obesity for individuals obese at age 9-13 years. About one-third of obese preschoolers, half of obese school-age children, and 70 percent of obese adolescents were obese as adults. Recent surveys report a higher predictive rate of 65 to 84 percent, which may be reflective of recent trends of increasing obesity, or a redefinition of body mass index (BMI) cutoff points used to classify obesity. Although a higher proportion of obese children become obese adults, only a small proportion of obese adults were obese as children and may last a lifetime. It is safe to say that childhood obesity is an issue that needs to be explored. Article and Statistical Procedures In an original study taken from the New England Journal of Medicine, named “Childhood Obesity, Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Premature Death” by authors P. Franks, W. Knowler and H. Looker...

References: Moran, R. (1999). Evaluation and Treatment of Childhood Obesity. Retrieved on May 15, 2010, from Rabin, R. (2010). Child Obesity Risks Death at Early Age, Study Finds. Retrieved on May 15, 2010, from
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