Childhood Memories

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Childhood memories

Childhood memories are moments, when we are young, that
we don't forget. My nicest memories are very clear, but
there are some other memories, that I only can remember
in bits and pieces.

My clearest memory is when I was three years old. My
mother would sing wonderful songs to me. My favorite
song was "Dumbo the flying elephant". Sometimes I would
fall asleep, listening to her comforting voice.
As I spent most of my summer holidays in Switzerland, I
have beautiful memories of it. I can never forget the
time I spent with Alan my best friend, with whom I went
sailing on the lake during a terrible storm and spent
many hours playing in the forest. We often spent the
night in each other's houses. We stayed up late and
watched movies or played video games. One summer I went
on a cruise on the Mediterranean sea. Once on board I
asked my mother to buy me a pirate suit with a plastic
golden hook and a sword. I put on the costume and ran
out on the deck, screaming "Beware of Captain Hook!".
I pointed my sword to the sky and I waved my menacing
hook. A big seagull was flying above me and with a
terrifying screech attacked me. I was petrified! I threw
the sword and ran inside my cabin. It was a long time
before my mother found me. I laugh when ever I remember
this incident.

When I look back to the days of my tender age, I finally
realize that I had a very happy infancy. The good
memories sometimes help to erase the bad ones. Childhood
memories of dear friends and family always stay in the
heart. They have a great impact on our relationship with
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