Childhood Is the Happiest Time of a Person's Life.

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Second Negative Speaker Template


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

The topic for our debate is that childhood is certainly not the happiest time of your life.

We the negative team believe that this statement is false.

Our first speaker has already stated everything is possible in children’s life. This mean the


Today I will be talking to you about childhood is certainly the happiest time of your life

Now to my first point, children spend their time mostly with their parents in childhood than in later life.

The reason for this is parents take care of children every minute and devote themselves to children. I am sure that there is nothing that can have more value for a human than that. If children are ill they have person to look after them, to give a piece of advice if children have a fight with their friends, in the long run there is a person to turn to in any time. However children may not have these chances in their later life. It is a life and one day that can pass away even though sometimes these occasions happen without warn us. So, we should enjoy life with our parents that would be a great memory in our minds.

Now to my second point, children expectations are simple and limited compare to adults.

This is because to be happy, children only need friends, toys and place to play. It is different with adults who are always not satisfied with all they have had. They always expect more than all are already in their hands. For example, having a small house is still not enough so that they want a bigger one. Also, after they could buy a car, they also want to buy another car. In career,
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