ChildHood Exposure To Domestic Violence

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Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence

Topic: Domestic Violence, a legal definition is a pattern of abusive behavior that occurs between partners in an intimate relationship. But the children in these homes are suffering as well. Social problems caused by it: Abuse, mental and medical issues, since this is a crime it would be a law enforcement issue as well. Domestic violence is a social problem because it effects so many more people than just the intended victim and it has severe consequences. Violence has serious human, social and economic significance both for the women who endure it and for society as a whole. Violence is detrimental to women’s personal and financial independence and can do serious damage to their physical and mental well-being. This could cause mental health issues, physical health issues, and a financial burden on society. A law passed or introduced on this topic: Most laws against domestic violence are state laws; however, the 1994 Crime Bill included the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which allows the federal government to enforce some domestic violence laws. This occurred after the World Health Organization declared Domestic Violence a public health concern. The VAWA was reauthorized in 2000 and 2005, and signed into law in 2006. The Violence Against Women Office is the federal government's office for issues relating to domestic violence. It is important to recognize that women are not always the victims of domestic violence; women can also be the abusers and men the victims. Children from environments of domestic violence are defenseless and quiet victims. My paper will focus wholly on these children, discussing the many perils they will face mentally, physically and educationally. Children from these homes often grow up to become abusers

themselves, however some researchers say that not all will fall victim and often lead fairly normal lives. Children growing up in homes with domestic conflict, resulting in physical violence, are at risk for developing behavioral and emotional problems. Both clinical case reports and experimental studies indicate that these children demonstrate a high frequency of externalizing behavior problems, such as aggression, noncompliance, and delinquency. As well as internalizing behavior problems including withdrawn, anxious, somatic complaints. Some others may include, measures of social incompetence, children of battered women scored significantly below their peers in academic subjects as well. Problem: Domestic Violence and its effect on the children involved. Defined as: Effects of domestic violence on children.

We know that it is a problem, because the numbers estimated by research are staggering. As many as 275 million children worldwide are exposed to violence in the home. This range is a conservative estimate based on the limitations of the available data. In actuality, millions more children may be affected by violence in the home.

For whom is it a problem? It is obviously a problem for the children involved, but some social concerns might be the need for remedial help for those suffering in school, psychotherapy for those with mental scars, medical expense for those suffering from any physical abuse. Of course this leads to excessive economic concerns to the tune of more than $8.3 billion. (Meyer, H. 2002).

About this problem: When there's violence in the home, children are always affected, even if they're asleep or not in the room when the abuse happens. The longer you live in a violent situation, the harder it will be for your children. When abuse happens, your children may feel scared and ashamed, or they may even think that they caused the problem. Worse, they can grow up thinking that it's okay to hurt others or let other people hurt them. The effects of domestic violence on a child are lifelong and, in some cases, fatal. Policy analysis:


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