Childhood Experience

Topics: School, Librarian, Primary school Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: April 5, 2013
During my childhood, reading is my biggest passion. I delve into this habit since I was 8 years old. My elder sister played a prominent role in developing my passion for reading. I like to read both fiction and non-fiction books. I realized the importance of reading books as it helped me to develop my vocabulary, knowledge and gave me new ideas. I was a librarian in the primary school and this further helps me to develop my passion. I have to admit that there are few factors that motivate me to continue to read books when I was in primary school. The cover of the book should be beautiful and colorful which make a good impression to me and attracts me to read it. I like to read book that is thin and full with content. The book should be colourful as I like something that is attractive rather than dull books. Books that packed with images and pictures also help me to comprehend the content easily. The language used should be short and simple. I don’t like to refer dictionary in the middle of my reading to find the meaning of a word as it disturb my concentration. I have many accesses for reading as I was a librarian back at my primary school. My family supports me when I’m reading, so they prepare me a study table and they create a conducive environment; good lighting and ventilation for me. Plus, my elder sister has the passion as I had and this encourages me to read more. My parents always buy me storybooks to motivate me to read more. My primary school teacher always calls upon me during assembly and praises me for reading many books through Nilam program. But contrary, there are few factors that demotivate me to read books. I do not read books that are plain which is not captivating when I was in primary school. I tend to get bored reading black and white books. Books with lengthy words and complicated words make the story hard to understand. During my childhood, I like to watch television and this distracts me from reading. My playful childhood friends always...
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