Childhood and Interventions

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Sociology Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Discuss reasons children may not meet milestones and how each one impacts upon development and describe how different types of intervention can support children to develop (CYP, CYP & CYP

Children may not meet milestones due to time missed from education for hospital visits, since physical needs may outweigh educational or social development. There are many different types of interventions in place now to support education for children with disabilities such as play and education staff working within childrens wards and there are now many physical aids to support inclusion within schools such as adapted chairs and other equipment. Dependant upon the actual individual and their type of disability will depend on how it impacts upon their physical development but with current trends shifting towards care in the community, children are much more likely to get holistic help and inclusion within local schools.

Children who have delays in meeting their physical development are usually identified by health visitors due to regular assessments or parental concerns. They can then refer the child to be seen by the appropriate specialist which could be paediatrics or orthopedics who will assess physical growth and development by a series of tests, including height, weight, hip displacement and much more depending on the reasons for delay then offer the appropriate treatment to help meet milestones.

The environment can have a huge effect on child development. The main reasons a child may not meet milestones due to their environment is they may not feel safe or secure, maybe living in poor conditions with poor nutrition and have limited access to good schools and health care. Interventions to support development can include social workers assessing and intervening within the home environment and also teachers within the school environment ensuring that the classrooms physical...
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