Childcare Unit 012 Outcome 2

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Unit 12
Outcome 2

Understand Partnership Working in Services for Children and Young people.

Understand the importance of effective communication and information sharing in services for children and young people.

Describe why clear and effective communication between partners is required:

Effective communication between partners is most important, it is to make sure that everyone will:

Share information in a clear way that focuses on the individual child or young person.

Work towards the same aim: achieve the best positive outcomes for the child or young person and his or family.

The EYFS Guidance states: ‘it is vital to ensure that everyone is working together to meet the emotional, health and educational needs of children in all settings that they attend and across all services provided’.

Clear and effective communication is needed between partners for these reasons:

A young person is in foster care and attends more then one setting; school and extended care.

A child with a medical illness, attends school but is often in hospital for weeks at a time. Hospital play specialists, hospital teachers and the child’s class teacher are all involved in the child’s care and the child’s education.

A child with a severe visual impairment attends a mainstream school and has daily support from a dedicated learning support assistant.

A young child with special educational needs attends a Children’s Centre and is also visited at home by a Portage worker.

Identify policies and procedures in the work setting for information sharing:

Every setting should always have policies that encourage effective and clear communication when sharing information. Policies and procedures should include policies relating to:

Multi-agency working:

Managing transition from one setting to another

Ensuring continuity of care between settings and carers.
All polices should be available to those who have an interest and they may be shared...
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