Childcare Level 3 Unit 3

Topics: Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Children Act 1989, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1793 words) Published: June 13, 2013

E1 & E2
Children Act 1989 - The Children Act 1989 has influenced settings by bringing together several sets of guidance and provided the foundation for many of the standards practitioners need to maintain now. The Act requires that settings to form partnerships with parents and carers so they are work together in the best interests of the child. It requires settings to have an appropriate adult to child ratios, as well as policies and procedures on child protection.

Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA 1995)- The DDA states: that settings must make their provision more accessible. Such as having, downstairs toilets, wider doors and ramps for easier access to avoid discrimination. For example, “settings are required to make reasonable adjustments by either changing policy, providing alternative ways to access a provision, or by addressing physical features which make a service impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled people to use.” (

Children Act 2004 - This Act was introduced because of the death of Victoria Climbie and was the introduction of 'Every Child Matters' ensuring the wellbeing of children through its five outcomes. The Every Child Matters framework has encouraged settings to find new ways of working together by sharing information and working together to prevent anything like that from happening again and to protect children from harm.

Human Rights Act 2000 – This particular Act has had a big impact on current legislation in the UK. The Act suggests that children would have the same rights as adults such as the right to dignity, respect and fairness in the way that they are treated. In terms of working with children Article 8 is most relevant, which is about the right to privacy, Article 10 talks about the right to freedom of expression and Article 14, discrimination. All setting, as well as everybody, should take this act into consideration.

Race Relations Act 1976 - The Race Relations Act 1976 aimed to protect children from racism and discrimination. In 2000 there was an amendment to the Race Relations Act which encouraged some of the requirements of the earlier legislation and make settings work towards racial equality. The Race Relations Act 1976 was ‘an Act to make fresh provision with respect to discrimination on racial grounds and relations between people of different racial groups;’ (

E3 Policies and procedures are put in place to make sure that staff in the setting are following legislation. For example the accident and incident procedure ensures that all staff need to go through a certain procedure after an accident has occurred. For example the if a child receives a bump on the head, an adult needs to reassure the child and if needed, place a cold compress on the sore area. Next, the accident needs to be recorded accurately for the parents/carers to see or used as a background if the child becomes increasingly ill. Food and drink policies safeguard children by protecting them against food allergies. For example in the setting drinks should be left on a try while in the classroom, the bottles should have water in with easy to do tops for the children and to prevent spillages and slippery surfaces. When a child drinks for their water bottle they must stay and the table and sat on a chair to prevent chocking. Food procedures in the setting are very strict, a no nuts policies safeguard children with nut allergies. At snack time children must stay sat at the snack table while eating as it is a choking hazard. The Medication policy suggests that no medication is given to a child without the parents’ permission and if the parents do ask staff to give their children medication during the day, forms have to be signed and dated appropriately beforehand with dosages. This is so if the staff follow the guidelines they are protected from being accused of anything.

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