Childcare Center Case Study

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A manager of a childcare center has various roles and responsibilities that they are accountable for. In order for the center to be successful, one must create a professional environment in which teachers can instruct and motivate healthy learning to children. With this being said, none of these roles can be completed without the help of a highly qualified manager, (Hearron, 2007).
A high-qualified manager must first have the needed characteristics to run a daycare. The most important characteristic is kindness. Human relations are an essential component when working with people. Managers are expected to not only communicate with staff and students, but also parents and higher representatives in the education department. In order to preserve...

Manager’s needed to have strong leadership skills in order to be successful in running a childcare facility. Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or organization (Dictionary). Therefore, a manager must have the ability to be firm during difficult situations. They need to be confident in their decisions and do not withdraw from confrontation. Management requires the ability to stand strong in deciding what is best for their school, even if that means standing alone. (Hearron, 2007).
Management also requires organizational skills. In my opinion, children have the most success when they are fixed to a routine. It is important for the management system to create a schedule for their school and stick with it. By having a schedule for others to follow, there will never be confusion or chaos of the expectations of the school building. By having a schedule, they are also using the most of their time management, making each day...

During my first year teaching I would have placed myself in the Awareness stage of teaching. I started in the middle of the year. I did not find a required textbook or teacher’s manual until the year was almost over. Most of my students had scored below average on the yearly test score, and we spent most of our days watching the Magic School Bus. I know this is not something to brag about yet to honestly be embarrassed. However, the struggles I had during year one is what has motivated me to become the teacher I am now. So I would consider myself to be in competency because I finally feel the hard work I have put toward my job has finally started paying off. With that being said I am still aware I have a long way to go before I am an expert. I am a firm believer in there is always room for improvement (Hearron,...
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