Childcare Cache Level 3 Unit

Topics: Emotion, Developmental psychology, Puberty Pages: 8 (3546 words) Published: July 8, 2013
2The unit (the development from conception to 16 years) will help me to understand all the types of development that children will go through during this time on a day to day basis. It will also begin to teach me about a variety of different theorists, what their theories are and how they work with both children and their families. This just means that I will gain a sense of why it is important to treat children in a way which will help them to develop about. Suggests that as a child begins to reach a year old they begin to start to build on positive relationships and this helps them to understand how to communicate I have chosen to learn about the emotional and physical development of children the ages of birth to three years and twelve to sixteen years. It will help me understand the development that children at my setting and my own development from a year or two back to understand if I developed at the norm. Children begin to develop as soon as they are conceived, although I am chosen to look into their emotional and social development and their physical development from birth to 3 years of age. As soon as they are born children are able to cry and move their bodies using emotions or showing their emotions easier. When the child reaches 2years they learn to play with other children around the same age group as them and as they play dress up they could reveal something critical within their lives, this is because they still don’t understand that their made up characters vary on how they are feeling and what emotional state of mind they are in. Meggitt c etal 2012 recommends that by the age of 3years the child begins to develop a very creative and imaginable mind which can cause them to easily get scared of little things such as the dark because they become aware of what other children suggest such as monsters under their beds. (1.12.12) suggests that physical development in a baby is very similar to a baby’s emotional development because when they are first born they are overwhelmed by all the new things around them. For the first 2 months babies are driving toward things such as bright lights and colours because they attract their attention and stand out. Meggitt C etal 2012 tell us that by the age of 2years the child is able to run around without falling over that much and by the age of 3 they are able to begin to tiptoe and stand on just one of their feet at a time. Between the ages of 12 and 16 boys and girls emotional development are pretty much the same. According to Meggitt C etal 2012 within this time due to things like puberty the child may go through a stressful time and may have sudden mood swings. Throughout this time they begin to rely on friends more than family and become less attached to those family members who they needed around for everything that may have caused them to be upset, happy, and angry and many other emotional states. Within this age range the child will learn how to control their emotions whilst going through such a stressful time, whereas if they didn’t understand how to control these emotions it could make everything worse, such as they could have an emotional breakdown. This leads into the physical side of things (18.12.12) describe that when the child reaches puberty they become self-aware of things such as acne and when a females periods start they can become very emotional over anything. Diploma, childcare and education, Tassoni etal propose that children within the ages of 12-16 need a lot of physical exercise which will help with puberty by helping the body to release hormones. Physical development is extremely important as it can affect all other development that the child may go through. (24.1.13) says if a child starts to physically develop as early as 12years of age it can be really hard for them to understand. Sometimes they may find it as a good thing, such as boys may think that his...
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