childcare CACHE Level 2

Topics: Psychology, Time, Developmental psychology, Emotions, Learning, Attention / Pages: 1 (340 words) / Published: Aug 26th, 2014
The expected stage of social development for a child age four is being able to eat with a fork and spoon, despite not being able to use a knife yet the child should be able to skilfully use a fork and spoon on their own. They should also be able to dress and undress themselves, but not yet expected to be able to tie laces, or back buttons. They should also be able to do more hygiene essentials such as washing and drying their hands without any support/ help, and brush their teeth. They should also have developed a skill to show sensitivity towards their friends and other people and show an understanding of how the other person may feel. They should also show a willingness to be around and play with other children, and like to be independent and take more control in what they do. They should start to show a sense of humour when talking in a conversation, or within an activity.
The expected stage of social development for a child age five would be for a child to be able to dress and undress themselves with no help, and beginning to learn how to do laces, but may show some difficulty. They should be able to find an interest in an activity for a longer period of time, without needing the attention of an adult or getting bored. An example of this would be reading a story or watching a film. They should be able to show an understanding to other people’s emotions, and show sympathy and comfort to their friends when they are hurt. As well as this enjoy looking after and petting pets. They will have certain likes and dislikes, and have strong opinions on it; some may have no apparent logic such as cutting a piece of food in a certain way for them to like it. They will be able to choose their own friends, and be able to make decisions whether they like someone or dislike someone for a reason.

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