Childcare and Education L3

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Caring for children

E1 – Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in caring for children When the practitioner is caring for children he/she will need to complete a variety of things to meet that role. This would include having priorities such as: Meeting the needs and supporting the rights of children

This should be the main priority of all practitioners as the welfare of the child is the most important thing in order for them to attend their setting. - Routines should be carried out with children’s safety in mind - Ensure that children are shown love and valued

- Give children of all ages opportunities to play, explore and be intellectually challenged - Ensure children are given quality diet that will have significant impact on their development - Encourage children to develop their confidence in their own capabilities through routines to be independent and to make choices.

Working with their families
- Parents must be acknowledged as their children’s main carers and first educators - It is important to consider parent’s wishes and to offer them high standards for their children/child - Remember that, parents have a right to their own views about their child and to express concerns as appropriate - Keeps parents informed about their child’s development and share essential information - Ensure that the care of the child meets with the parents’ wishes - It is important to remain professional with parents- not to confuse being friendly with being friends- there is a distinction.

Working in a team with other professionals
- Team work is a key way in which you can provide good quality care for children and support families - Good interpersonal skills are essential interaction with children, parents and colleagues - Being reliable should mean that parents, children and other professionals can count on you - Confidentially within team and other professionals is very important

Complying with legal requirements
- Policies and procedures must be agreed and followed to prevent conflicts/accidents in teams - Policies and procedures should be reviewed from time to time - Legislation must be upheld#

Inclusive practise

E2 – Collate information about how care for children may be provided within families and society Each child is cared for in many different ways. Parents usually care for their children in a way which they think is best for them, however, the technique they use to bring up their child will vary enormously from family to family. Children’s parent(s) care for their child based on their parenting style which they have chosen or may not have chosen. It has been researched that there are three methods that parents use to discipline their child/children, these three are: - Authoritarian

- Permissive
- Authoritative

Authoritarian parents who use this style of parenting are very demanding; they do not explain the reason for their orders but instead say “You must do this because I am telling you to”. They also have high expectations for their children and control and limit their child’s behaviour. On the other hand, whilst their child is getting older he/she will lose understanding and end up going against their parents due to not knowing the reasons for their demands.

Permissive parents don’t control their children; they instead give their children a chance to learn from their own mistakes. They listen to their children’s choice and give them responsibilities. Parents who discipline by this method believe children will learn better from experiencing situations themselves.

Authoritative parents are heard to benefit children the most as they set appropriate boundaries for them and are aware of these. The parents set rules for all children fairly which they carry out and they also listen and understand their child with appropriate time.

There are a variety of different family structures in today’s society: - Nuclear families,
- Extended families,

Bibliography: I have used a variety of sources to gather some of my information
- tassoni
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