Topics: Discrimination, Disability, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: January 28, 2014
 Understanding Framework for Early Years Foundation stage: Task 1

As a registered child-minder I need to understand how the framework for early years was developed, certain legislation is key Every Child Matters: Five National Outcomes for Children
Every Child Matters is about the well- being of all children and young adults from birth to 19 years of age, the Government would like every child to have support in being healthy, staying safe and to achieve economic well- being and most of all to enjoy and achieve. A green paper was published by the Government in 2003; it was called Every Child Matters. It was done after the death of a little girl by the name of Victoria Climbie, who was abused and tortured and then horrifically killed by her own great Aunty and a man they both lived with. Also the green paper covers four key themes:

1. Focusing on supporting families and carers. 2. Making sure intervention takes place before children are at crisis point and to protect the child from falling through the net. 3. Addressing problems which is identified in the report into the death of little Victoria Climbie. 4. Making sure people who work with children are valued and trained in what they do, also rewarded. Disability Discrimination Act 2005/Equality Act 2010

As a registered childminder it is important that I understand about the DDA, The DDA has a new approach because it requires public bodies to change and to show how they are working to eliminate unlawful disability discrimination and also disability related bullying. Disabled children, young people and also adults have rights of access to various services through DDA; it has become law over the time from...
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