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Unit 066 Promote children’s welfare and well-being in the early years Outcome 1

In my setting we promote the children’s welfare by making sure we follow our policies to make sure the children are safe. We make sure that if any of the children are sick and they have to go home that we let the parent’s know how long the child has to be off for. After the child has left we will clean all the toys so that we do not pass on any more infection to any of the other kids. When we take the children outside or if they hurt themselves inside we will write it up and get their parents to sign them and it is the same with our medicine forms. If there is a new child that is starting our setting we have to make sure they have filled out all the forms for example, if the child has any allergies or if we need to get in contact with their parents we will just look up the child’s details. AC2

In my setting if we have a complaint or concerns we will go to are manger but if we have any complaints about our manger we will have to go to the owners. The owners will set up a meeting with me and then after we have talked they will take it away and then talk to the person to hear their story. If after a couple of weeks there hasn’t be anything been done then it will go to the hire owner. If in the setting we have any concerns about a child we will go to are unit head then they we go to are manger and we will make notes of this.

Unit 066
Outcome 2

When a child arrives in to the nursery we will ask the parents how the child has been. If the child has had any medicine before they have come in we will write it down so the rest of the staff know when and what time they have had it. We will ask the parents if they would like us to give their child anymore medicine later in the day. If a child is on any other medicine we will ask the parent what time they have to get it and how many times when they are in the nursery. We will write it down and we will tell the other staff in the same room as the child. When a child it being left in to the nursery and a parent tells us that someone else will be picking up there child we will ask the parents to ask the person to bring their I.D. and we will ask them the name of the person that is coming. If the person that is picking up the child has forgotten their I.D we will not let the child leave with them. We will ring the parents to let them know that their child is still in the nursery. If the person that is picking up the child was to leave and go home and come back with their I.D and it matches the name that the parent had given us then we will let them pick up the child. When the parents arrive to come and pick up their children we will tell them what they have been doing for the day. We will tell them what it was for lunch and if their child had eaten all or refused. If any of the children have been upset some parts of the day we will let the parents no in case there is something going around the nursery. If we are going out for the day with all the kids or just going for a walk we will only take 2 children per member of staff. When we are about to leave we will tell someone where we are going and what time we think we will be back in case one of the parents come to collect their kids early. We will always take our phones with us in case we have to ring our work place or a parent. We will make sure that are phones are on in case of an emergency. When the children are playing outside or inside we have to make sure they have enough space to move about. We will set up different areas so the children have different toys to play with. When the first member of staff arrives they will open up all the blinds and set out toys for the children arriving. We will make sure all the toys are cleaned for the children arriving. When the children arrive they will have some free time to play after most of the children have arrived we will let them have their morning snack. When the...
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