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Criteria 2.3
When thinking about safeguarding, what is meant by the term partnership? When linking Partnership with safeguarding it means that people are partnered together to develop cases on children/young people, and try make abuse less likely to happen and a lot more likely to be uncovered.

Criteria 2.4
Complete the table below, list different agencies involved in safeguarding children and explain what their roles and responsibilities are. Agencies involved in safeguarding| What are their roles and responsibilities| Social ServicesThe Police Ofsted School Nurse| Are there to offer support to both the child and the setting. Social services have the powers to investigate any suspected improper behaviour from carers, children or the setting.The Police have the powers to investigate, interview and arrest anyone suspected of abusing a child. Quite often they will ask the CPIU to investigate directly and also inform Social ServicesIf there are questions about practices within the setting then OFSTED may be asked to investigate further.A School Nurse can sometimes be the first person to spot abuse, especially physical. School Nurse has a duty of care to refer such information to Social Services.|

Criteria 3.1
What actions would you follow in response to concerns that colleague maybe: 1. Failing to comply with safeguarding procedures
2. Harming, abusing or bullying child/young person

1. If a colleague what failing to comply with safeguarding procedures, I would keep a record for over a week of the incidents and record them. Then I would go to my supervisor and explain everything that happened into as much detail as I possibly can. 2. If a college was harming, abusing or bullying a child/young person, I would tell my supervisor straight away about my suspicion but explain that I would like my allegation to be protected.

Criteria 3.2,3.4
Research and outline your setting policies and procedures relating to safeguarding child/young...
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