Childbirth and Sport

Topics: Childbirth, Girl, The Streets Pages: 1 (398 words) Published: March 5, 2014
*Men are more interested in sport than women. Discuss.

In ancient times, men worked harder than women because they had to hunt animals and feed their family. They did not have opportunities like today. Also in the past, men were the strongest one in the family. They tried every way to find food even if they had to kill dangerous animals. In order to survive they had to be fit. Just like Bob Marley says “only the fittest of the fittest shall survive.” Many people argue that the idea of men being more interested in sport than women is related to culture and growing up profile. For example, if a father watches football at home, his son will also become interested. One could argue that if there is a boy and a girl at home, it is more likely that the boy will become interested in football because it is manly. On the other hand, if the father watches a girly sport such as ballet dance, which is unlikely, the girl will become interested in that sport. Some countries have ancestor-sports such as football in Spain. Men play football in the streets since their childhood, so playing a sport naturally becomes a part of their life. For girls, this is not always the case. In some countries culturally the girls are more protected hence they are not allowed play in the streets. This takes away their right to play sport freely. In contrast, nowadays there are so many women who play basketball in NBA and play volleyball in Sultans of the Net. The number of woman who is interested in sport is increasing. For example, pregnant women do yoga and pilates to give birth more comfortably and stay healthy. They also continue to exercise after giving birth to have a fit body. Exercising is naturally becoming a part of women life too. It also seems to me that family does not always influence children to play sports. Sometimes the school and the social life can also make an effect. For example I come from a family where nobody is interested in sports but I did cycling and also dancing...
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