Child Victims of Domestic Violence

Topics: Child abuse, Domestic violence, Abuse Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: May 16, 2011

Child victims of domestic violence

Family today are unfortunately less as a fundamental unit of a healthy society. " Almost all countries in the world are faced with the inability to determine the number of victims of kriminalitetot, and especially when such women. According to UN studies, women are the most frequent victims of sexual violence (50%) attacks of personality (10%) and other attacks on property (10%). For nasilonichkiot kriminalitet family largely lacks impartial witnesses of cases.

Efforts made this situation be resolved by reference to the assistance of the closest relatives and friends, and the reference to state institutions is much less common and more severe cases. Victims of such violence are the weakest members of the family. And while pedesttite and shesettite years that children were in the seventies women, but in the eighties were elderly.

 Nasilnichkite wrongdoing within the family are found very difficult and rare. Conflicts rarely come to light because of fear of revenge nasilnikot, shame on the environment and the desire to maintain good idea for your own marriage, but economic dependence on her husband. Domestic violence is one of preovladuvachkite criminal behavior in more societies and brings razoruvachki implications for the primary victim, a woman, and in terms of the second victim children. In most countries worldwide domestic violence loan sizes to a problem of social character primareno. Domestic violence as a problem affecting the economic and overall development of society and is the result of historical zasnovanata disadvantaged men and women in which it is located in the subordinate position to men.

International law to protect children's rights

Committee on Protection of Children is an independent body composed of experts who carry out monitoring of potisnichki Parties to the Convention on the proper application of the same, and its two Protocols - the participation of children...
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