Child Sexual Abuse

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Child Sexual Abuse


1. Introduction Page 1
2. Case Study Page 1
3. How this Affects learners Page 2
4. Policies and Procedures Page 2
5. Raising Awareness Page 3
6. Conclusion Page 3
7. References Page 4



Research indicates that 1 out of every 4 children will be the victim of sexual abuse before reaching age 18

Child sexual abuse can be described as any form of sexual activity with a child by an adult, with or without consent. According to the Employment of Educators Act Sexual contact between educators and learners is illegal regardless of the willingness or concent or age of the learners.
Sexual abuse includes, but is not limited to, showing a child pornographic materials, placing the child's hand on another person's genitals, touching a child's genitals, and/or penetration of any orifice of a child's body (mouth, vagina, anus) with a penis, finger, or an object of any sort. Penetration does not have to occur for it to be sexual abuse, (Munro. 2000).
In South African schools, thousands of girls of every race and economic group are encountering sexual violence and harassment that impede their access to education. The extent of the problem in our opinion is often not realized as thousands of cases are not reported. It is estimated that Teachers are responsible for a third of all rapes of schoolgirls in South Africa, this according to a survey by the country's medical research council
In this paper, we will use a case study in order to address the issue of child sexual abuse in an Umlazi school. We will describe the policies and procedure that needs to be undertaken when faced with a situation like this one. As well as address the problems while offering preventative solutions in improving the mind set of pupils and teachers alike in the school.
2. CASE STUDY(Article

References: 7. REFERENCES 1. Delano, L (1998) Sexual Abuse and Violence in Sub-Sahara Africa Last accessed 9 May 2009

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