Child Safety

Topics: Playground, Puppet, Play Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: February 27, 2013
A child can fall and injure himself on the playground in a variety of ways. . Before you set your children loose, explain the rules for being safe at the playground.  Your child could be excited to have a break from learning and run to the playground, tripping and falling. We can work on teaching the children to tie their shoes and watching where they run and play.  To insure safety on monkey bars or the slide, we come discuss and demonstrate the “Proper Use” of playground equipment.  Friends could be injured by someone else throwing an object or running into him.  Help your child avoid playground injuries by explaining to him the importance of following any rules the teacher sets forth (No fighting), we can discuss these rules during morning circle time everyday, since practice makes perfect listeners.  Telling the teacher about any broken playground equipment, the children can take turns inspecting the play ground with their teacher before the class comes out to play. Many children are kidnapped or abused on a daily basis. Children should not be left unattended and need to follow the rules for a safe play.  Openly talking to is a great way of teaching your kids about stranger safety and may decrease their risk of becoming a victim of these crimes..  Puppet Show- Teaching kids about strangers can be difficult. Help them to understand who strangers are by putting on a puppet show. Make sock puppets or popsicle stick puppets. Kids should make puppets that represent themselves. Teachers should make or have on hand one or two puppets that represent strangers. It is important that the stranger puppets are not scary. Children should not be scared of strangers, just wary around them because they don't know them. Have a puppet show where the child is approached by several different strangers in different situations. Have the child role-play what they should do in each situation.
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