Child Rights

Topics: Human rights, Childhood, Health Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Children should grow and develop all round–physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. For this, proper care and facilities should be provided to them. Children need food, clothing, shelter, health facilities, education, protection, entertainment and above all, freedom. All children have a claim for these things in a society. These are the basic rights of children.

Children can demand these things from their parents and elders. Most of the children are not aware of their rights. Hence, it is the responsibility of the adults to make them aware of their rights.

Children are tender are small. Children are dependent on the elders. The future of every child depends on the care, facilities and opportunities they get during their childhood. Therefore, if children do not get what they need, they cannot grow up to become worthy citizens of the country. In order to grow up properly, some basic needs are to be fulfilled as their right.

Some Right of Children
All the Children have the following rights:
Right to food.
Right to clothing.
Right to shelter.
Right to education.
Right to entertainment.
Right to good health and proper nourishment.
Right to name and country.

These are some of the rights. All these rights are called rights. It does not matter weather a child in rich or poor, has parents or in an orphan, is strong or weak, sick or healthy, all have the same rights.

Protection of Child Rights
An international conference held under the supervision of UNO in 1989 AD, concerning the child rights, passed the resolution to protect child rights. Nepal also signed the charter of the convection. The conference advocated the rights of children to name, to a country along with care from family, to good and health and proper nourishment. All these right are in fact, the basic necessities for survival. The conference also believed in a child right to lead his/her life as he/she wishes, getting an education, participating in sports and...
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