Child Rearing Within Different Cultures

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Child Rearing Practices within Different Cultures
Every parent has their own way of raising a child, and there are many different ways to doing it especially within different cultures. In America everybody has the right to raise their children however they feel is best, usually parents follow the roles their own parents took when they themselves were raised. Today there are many cultures that have different ways of child rearing and there are many consequences that come along with the way the children are brought up. I will be writing about three different cultures, starting with Jamaica, then Bangladesh, and last the immigrants that reside in Australia, they all have different ways of raising children and I will show how their ways affect their children’s lives.

In Jamaica they have a dominant Caribbean parenting style, (Smith, Mosby 2003) their parenting skills have been characterized as abusive, harsh, and extreme, their discipline has been known to be to the extreme of corporal punishment or other major violent punishments. Flogging is one of the popular punishments used by the Jamaican which is used on all children no matter the age, they also use sticks, belts, shoes or anything else they can find to show compliance. The kids are disciplined for lying, stealing, disobedience, or not completing their chores. (Smith, Mosby 2003) In my research they conducted a survey where 84% of mothers of preschool children admitted to beating their children. A Jamaican judge in a family court hearing advised a parent to spank his child to help correct his behavior. The culture there when it comes to child rearing is strongly believed that disciplining the children with physical punishment is the best way to keep them in line and assure themselves that they will grow up to be proper adults. In Bangladesh a child’s upbringing is affected because of the home environment and mother’s child rearing practices. The families are...
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