Child Punishment Essay 2

Topics: Spanking, Corporal punishment, School corporal punishment Pages: 6 (1789 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Matthew Peelman
Professor Rhodes
Eng 100.1
2014 Oct. 21

Child Punishment
Sarah walked into the room covered in mud and snow. Her mom took a look at her and was outraged by what she saw. She took Sarah up stairs and gave her a bath. Later, reprimanded her while giving her a spanking on the butt. Sarah thought to her self, “ What did I do wrong, I just went to play outside” (Saunders). People have been using punishment as a way to change bad behaviors in children. Many people believe that punishment is a good way of correcting child and others believe different. What is the best role of corporal punishment in children?

First off, what is Child Punishment? It is the act of physically punishing, spanking, or reprimanding a child by an adult authority ( This means that parent corrects a kid’s action so the behavior that has happened does not occur again. Many parents today use this tactic as a way to get kids to listen. It is an easy way to get their kids to listen. In general, kids don’t listen to reason. To the parent this way seems plausible. On the other hand, many parents chose to follow a different path and this entails not hitting or spanking one’s child. They believe kids listen more to reason then action. Reprimanding kids actions in a way such as spanking has been commonly used for centuries. It is an easier way of getting kids to understand their actions (Opposing Views). For example, I interviewed my grandfather Daniel Leggiere. During the interview he shared that he was spanked in high school. The spanking were enacted if anyone got in trouble. The teacher would take them outside and spank them on the butt. Personally he told me, “ We learned not to ever do it again or else more spanking would occur” (Dan Leggiere). In the past this was the way to get kids to correct their actions. He was not scared in any way nor did his mind set change, all he knew was that he was not going to commit that action again. Most of the naysayers today believe that spanking cause kids to grow up effected. What they are trying to say is the kids will not be able to function properly in society. Well researchers’ today have disproved this theory. In an article titled “Spanking Your Children: Good or Bad?” the authors interviewed many parents about spanking their own children. All the parents agreed that spanking their children is a better way of correcting actions (Opposing Views). The only thing parents need to understand spanking their children has to have meaning to it. The authors preached, parents should not spank their kids for no reason (Opposing Views). Without an explanation the kid will be left with the idea of what did I do wrong again. This does not provide the kid with a more respectable way of acting. It created a fear of the parents. The child will never commit any mistakes and if he/she does they will not tell the parents at all because of the fear. The best way to stop that from happening is positively correcting the mistake. Talk to the child after the spanking explain to him/her why you spanked them. This will create positivity in why you corrected the child. Most importantly provide love. That is the most important detail of all. If the child is told that he/she is loved after a punishment it makes it seem easier to the child. This does not defeat the purpose of the correction but in turn strengthens it. Now certain parents do not show the same believe as others do. In today’s society, corporal punishment is frowned upon. Instead today people use a more alternative ways of punishing their kids. Many parents don’t use spankings, or even pinching. Parents believe that punishing their child by spanking leads to developing bad habits in the child. Going back to the article I stated before, they says, “Spanking does not teach children why their behavior was wrong or what they should do instead; it teaches children that the only reason to behave appropriately is to avoid being...

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