Child Prostitution in Asia

Topics: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Child sex tourism Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: October 8, 1999
By: Anonymous

Children as Chattels Close your eyes. Imagine a young girl about six tied to a bed in a brothel and forced to service fifteen to thirty men in one night. Imagine this girl living in poverty, after all promises of selling herself told of riches. Now imagine this girl is your own. These are not pretty thoughts, but these actions are commonplace in Asia. In the February 1995 issue of World & I, Christopher P. Baker discusses his findings in the article, Kiddy Sex-Luring the Tourist for Love Beneath the Palms. In Asia more than half of the working prostitutes are under the age of 16, many of those are under the age of ten. Most people who hear the staggering statistics, just like me, ask why. There are many answers, and none of them could possibly justify the sexual exploitation of children. Many tourists and locals for that matter think that children will be less likely to carry the AIDS virus, which is a misconception. It is estimated that 72.4% of the child prostitutes in Asia carry HIV. Many Asian men also believe that sex with a virgin will rejuvenate them, and that sex with a virgin will cure venereal disease. Many different countries have been promoting the brothels by selling child sex tours. Police also keep their information about brothels and pimps quiet, making Asia a prime pedophile playground. Pedophiles who find the laws in their countries too strict can go off to Asia and find themselves young girls, or boys. Many of the non-pedophile tourists believe child prostitution to be custom, or feel they are helping the children. What these people don't know is that most of these children do not keep their earnings. Of course the main reason for the child prostitution in Asia is poverty. Many child prostitutes are sold by their parents for about $350-$600. Others are lured by the promise of respectable work, while others are kidnapped and held captive in brothels. These children are then required to work off their...
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