Child Proofing a Home Room by Room

Topics: Childhood, Infancy, Infant Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: March 30, 2011
This is a parent’s basic guide to properly child-proofing a home room by room. In this guide to child proofing a home you will find instructions to do it yourself, a safety check for new babies, car safety, and safety tips for older children as well. My purpose for this guide is to help parents keep their children safe at home and on the road.

Bathroom Safety
Toilets and bathtubs – You must always be careful when it come to the risk of drowning and when it comes to your child. Your child should never be left alone around water in your home. When giving you child a bath keep an eye on him/her 100% of the time, drowning can happen in a matter of a second, so if your phone rings or someone is at the door and you think you need to answer it then you should take your child with you wrapped in a towel. Install a toilet lid lock – Everyone knows that children love to play in the toilet, so getting a toilet lid lock is always the best idea to avoid that situation and also to avoid drowning. Children can fall head first in the toilet and drown that is why a toilet lid lock is a great idea for parents. Sharp objects – when you children are in the washroom with you, keeping an eye on them at all time is a must, because they can find sharp objects like nail clippers, razors, and scissors. Those objects and many more can seriously injure a child. All objects such as those and others should be put away in a place where a child would not be able to find them. For example: on a high shelf or in a drawer that has a lock on it. Kitchen Safety

Stove – when a child is in the kitchen the stove should either be off or watching the child very well when trying to cook a meal and also make sure all the handles on the pots and pans are turned to the inside of the stove so the children can’t reach them. Sharp objects – sharp objects such as knives or even forks should be put in a place where the child can’t get to them as well because no one wants their child to be injured. The best...

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