Child Pornagraphy

Topics: Child pornography, Pornography, Child sexual abuse Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: July 30, 2011
After reading Phillip Jenkins’ article from, I am appalled that there are sick people in this world who actually enjoy “kiddie porn.” I have heard some horrible stories, but nothing quite like what Jenkins has mentioned in his article. Jenkins states, “if sexual fantasies, however grotesque, however unhealthy, can be made illegal, none of us are safe.” Jenkins cites specific examples such as videos of “kindergarten girls masturbating and giving blowjobs to adult men” along with many other examples to help support his thesis.

Jenkins starts his article using an analogy to emphasize society’s strong feelings between kiddie porn, Timothy McVeigh, and snuff films to get readers on his side; everyone hates McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing and many people hate snuff films. Therefore, Jenkins figures that if he uses examples of instances where people have strong opinions of McVeigh and snuff films in the beginning of his article, then he will be able to persuade readers throughout the rest of his writing to believe his examples he gives for his thesis.

The next topic Jenkins discusses is a case about a man named Dalton who was sentenced ten years in prison for writing his personal thoughts down on paper. Dalton kept a personal journal, which he did not share with anyone else, and one day his probation officer found it in Dalton’s house. Inside his journal, Dalton described disgusting scenarios of child pornography. For example, he talked about “molesting and torturing” little children. Dalton never performed any sexual acts with children, he never used specific children’s names, and never intended for anyone else to see his personal journal. So why should he be sentenced to ten years in prison for expressing his personal thoughts?

Jenkins then goes on to cite that in 1984, there was a federal child protection act stating that any material, such as photos of minors, can be considered child pornography. Evidently, Jenkins says that courts have...
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