Child Pagaents

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Are pageants good for kids?

As the child beauty pageants started in the 1960s, I imagine that the founders did not picture the idea of the pageants being compromised as it is today. (Nussbaum) Parents and families, of the pageant contestants, have taken it to a new extreme when it comes to beauty and perfection in their children. This can be seen in many reality TV shows on air today, but TLCs “Toddlers & Tiaras” has received more controversy than any other. In such cases as 3 year old pageant princess “Peppermint Paisley”, who made national news for what her mother dressed her as in a pageant competition. The mother thought that it was appropriate for her daughter to be dressed as Julia Roberts’s role in “Pretty Woman”. (McKay) As many know she was a hooker on this film, which is not appropriate for a 3 year old. Her mother sadly still defends her decision of the role, and says she would repeat it. This is why I don’t agree with the extremity of the parents of these children obsessing over their fame and outward beauty.

In the beginning the child beauty pageants were an innocent pass time for the children and families. Now on the other hand they are a lifestyle and a danger to the children involved. It can affect them physically and mentally in the long run. These children are subjected to: hours of practice for their talent portion of their act, teeth whitening, spray tanning, fake hair and eyelashes, fake teeth, and anything to make them “perfect”. Another contestant featured on “Toddlers & Tiaras”, was Madisyn “Maddy” Verst, she was subjected by her mother to do an act as Dolly Parton complete with fake breast and butt implants. She was ordered to prance around in this outfit, and catch the eye of the judges. This also made national news, and it is even said that the mother may lose custody of the child for this action. (Murphy)

The children in the pageants are affected physically through the treatments that the parents put them through. The long...
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