child observation

Topics: Skill, Motor control, Motor skills Pages: 1 (769 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Focus Child: Gabrielle Anjelo J. Tablan a.k.a. Gab
Age: 4 years old.
Date: August 16, 2014
Time: 11:45 am - 12:45 nn (1 hour)
Setting: at their housePurpose of Observation: to know his milestones in hand and fine motor skills Role of Observer: Participant Observer
Significant Events during Observation
When I went to their place, Gab just woke up that time. He went to their living room and then looked for bread. He found a bun and condensed milk as spread. He cannot slice the bun in order for him to put spread so he asked me to do it for himself. After slicing the bun he took it from me and began spreading the milk and ate it. Her mother just arrived and brought with her home a McDonald’s meal. It is Chicken Fillet with rice in particular because it is his favorite. But his cousin told him that before eating he should arrange the dvd player and then they will watch She’s Dating the Gangster while eating. He opened the cd case and took the cd and placed it in the cd tray of the dvd player. He did not have a hard time taking the cd from the case. He also knew what to push in the buttons to close the cd tray. According to him, Daniel Padilla is his idol. He even watched the movie at the cinema a few weeks ago and is still eager to watch it again. It is lunch time and they eat with their relative. He set the table for them by getting plates, spoon and forks and glasses. Then he took out his meal and started eating. He knew how to properly hold the utensils. He had a hard time in slicing the fillet. I volunteered myself but he refused to do so. He favorably asked his cousin to do it for him. I don’t know why he is refusing all the help of the other members of the family. Then he can’t focus on eating alone because he is so attracted in watching the movie. He told me look at Daniel Padilla because he is my idol. Then after eating he cleaned the table by putting all the things on the kitchen sink. He carefully brought all one by one. He doesn’t want other people...
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