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Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Family Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: May 21, 2014
Pregnancy Interview

Physical changes during pregnancy for mother: Expected/Experienced responses : The mother expected to gain 35lb. instead she was loosing weigh for the first 3 months, and after that she was slowly gaining weight. She did not expect to have morning sickness, but on the contrary she had a heavy case of morning sickness; “ anything I ate I would throw it up (within seconds after eating) for the first 6 months of my pregnancy.”. By the 7 month, her morning sickness was tolerable. Throughout the entire pregnancy she felt weak, dizzy, and tiered. She rested throughout her entire pregnancy. She mentioned that she experienced swelling all over her body, hands, and feet. Before her pregnancy she was a size 5 1/2 in shoes, after her 6 months a size 6, and in her last month of her pregnancy a size 6 1/2. She then mentioned that her sense of smell was enhanced. She also had a constant crave for sour fruits during her pregnancy. Physical changes for partner: Expected response and observed response: The father said he had gained wight. He also stated he craved for chines food and at times feel real tiered. Psychological changes for mother Expected/Experienced response :

The mother had a fear of loosing her baby especially since she was loosing weight during her pregnancy. After she began to gain some weight the thought of loosing her child slowly disappeared. She also mentioned that she couldn't stand the thought of her husband around her. She also felt overjoyed at the thought of knowing she would soon become a mother. Psychological changes for partner Expected/Experienced response : He felt anxiousness for the babies arrival.

Changes in interpersonal relations for mother: Expected/Experienced response: She noticed that her youngest sister came closer to her during the pregnancy. Although her sister lived in Michigan, CA, her sister would make the effort to call and ask her how she was doing. She mentioned they would converse for...
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