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The aim of this paper is to describe a 60 minute child observation with regards to the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domain. BACKGROUND OF THE CHILD
The child chosen for this observation paper is a Mexican boy named Julian (age 7 to 8). He was in the park with his whole family: parents (in their late 20’s), older brother Renato (10) and younger sister Sylvia (3). I thought he was the perfect candidate because I could observe the interaction between Julian and his siblings, in addition to his interactions with other kids in the park. They also had a dog and I considered very interesting seeing Julian interactions with the pet. The observation made on Sunday, September 1st, 2013 about 12:30 pm at Lords Park in Elgin, IL. I chose this place because it’s normally filled with kids playing around. It is a nice park with a large open area where children can run safely, an area with swings and slides, two tennis courts, and a basketball court. COGNITIVE DOMAIN

Julian seemed comfortable in the park, going from one side to another with confidence and ease, giving me the understanding that he might come to this park frequently. At first, Julian played in the swings. He got on a swing alone, without help from adults and began to swing hard, rocking back and forth. His mother came to talk to him and asked him to be careful when swinging, in order to keep from falling. Julian immediately reduced the speed he was swinging which and slowed down to a more leisurely speed. This situation showed that Julian assimilated and understood perfectly his mother’s words and demonstrated reasoning skills when he decided to stop swinging hard. His mom went to talk to his dad, who was on the tennis court. Having lost mom’s attention, Julian decided to get off the swing and went to the slide area where his older brother Renato was playing. From what I could observe, he demonstrated having a great ability to get on the slide and jump....
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