Child Observation

Topics: Walking, Observation, Problem solving Pages: 3 (565 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Time Sample Observation Form

Observer’s Name:

Child’s Name:

Context (what is happening during observation): FREE PLAY-OUTSIDE TIME

Number of Children in room at time of observation: 14

Teacher to Child Ratio during observation: 1 TO 12- 2 TEACHERS

Child Behavior Identified for Observation:


Start Time|End Time|Area Child Is In|What Child is doing|Describe Incident/eventComments| 10:00 AM|10:03|Swings|Waiting in line|Child wants to go on the swing but gets frustrated waiting in line and leaves the area.| 10:04|10:10|All Over Playground|Playing with other children|Savannah and other children are running around the playground giggling and playing tag in various areas of the playground. Child seems to be happy.Child said to another child “oh man all this running is making me thirsty”- then walks over to water fountain| 10:10|10:11|Water fountain |Getting water|--|

10:11|10:15|Dramatic play/playhouse |Playing “house” with two other children; she is the mommy.|Savannah got a babydoll from one of the cabinets outside and preceeds to go over to the playhouse with another child. There was a disagreement about who was going to play the mother between her and another child. She gave the other child the doll and let her be the mom and walked away from the play area.| 10:16|10:18|Restroom|Child goes inside to use the restroom.|n/a| 10:19|10:22|Swings|Child gets on swing and asks a nearby teacher to push her.|Teacher pushes child on swing, child gets tired kicking her legs back and forth and asks to get off. Then walks over to the water fountain.| 10:22|10:23|Water fountain|Child socializes with other children and grabs a cup for water.|Child converses with another child about what she should do next. They then walk together over to the lego table.| 10:24-|10:30|Lego table|Building a castle with her fellow classmate out of legos.|Child spends the remainder of my...
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