Child Labour

Topics: International Labour Organization, Childhood, Free trade Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Child labor case
Violation of human rights can be observed in the case of child labor of Hershey’s chocolate at the coca farms in Ghana. It helps us to understand that the problem of child labor has spread from regional concern to international issue. Is it wrong to exploit the cheap labor by children in a country that don’t have any restrictions on working children? Those child labors are often less than 14 years old and they are usually treated poorly and working in unsafe conditions that exceed a minimum number of hours. These child slaves have hazardous jobs. It is because they must spray the cocoa beans with toxic pesticides and insecticides with little protective wear. Thus, they get hurt easily and their health may be negatively affected. Also, many children cannot go to school and receive minimum degree of education because of the labor work. However, should child labor be banned completely? It is a controversial issue because if they are not allowed to work there, they might be worse off and have to earn money in other ways such as illegal activities or prostitution. In this way, child labor seems to be a better solution for them under the problem of poverty. On the other hand, it seems to be difficult to abolish child labor in reality. It is because the child labor is cheap and it is difficult to monitor those suppliers that exploit children to work. Even if intervention in the child labor market is found to be undesirable, does this mean government should sit back and wait for economic growth to solve the child labor problem? Government can intervene in the market to create a variety of incentives, such as providing better and more schools, giving school meals, and improving conditions in the adult labor market, which result in a reduction of child labor. In the case of Hershey’s chocolate, the local government in Ghana implemented some advance and fund programmes that enhance living standard and ensure fair labour practices in cocoa-growing regions...

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