Child Labour

Topics: International Labour Organization, Childhood, International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: December 12, 2012
WHO amongst you here wants to have children in the future? I know this question comes to you early but there are no right and wrong answers here. I, too, want to have sons and daughters in the future. I want them to enjoy all the simplest, craziest and funniest things a child can enjoy – for instances, to play, to learn and to sing– like I did when I was young.

However, coming from a developing country myself, I know that not all children achieved these “hopes” of mine. Imagine your younger brothers and/or sisters, cousins, relatives, friends and even yourself at circumstances like washing clothes at the road side, washing dishes in shops and lastly polish shoes or even begging on the road side. It’s refreshing to know that a huge number of children are going back to being, well, “children”. However, the first step we can do to help eliminate child labor is to be aware of it and its causes, effects and some of the organizations we can join in the future. WHEN I was as small, I went to school, play with other kids, and enjoy life as it is. I didn’t need to think about our family problems or to work, except for house chores. I hate them. Anyway, when I saw these children while coming to college selling flowers or polishing shoes or begging or washing utensils and serving tea or food in any shop, I realized how fortunate I am that my parents allowed me to play and study. I was literally surprised rather the best word would be shocked. We, children, are supposed to be the future of this world. Now, so what is this “CHILD LABOUR”? Child Laborers are any worker aged less than fifteen years who lack access to education or are involved in hazardous or heavy work Let me tell you a few examples, there are children (girls and boys) who happen to be the eldest of their poor family and so they have to work for their family leaving their education, fun, and what we call as “life” in our language. Instead of worrying about their arithmetic assignments or the stages of growth...
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