Child Labor In Bangladesh

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Child Labor in Bangladesh
Child labor is a huge problem in today’s modern world. Starting around the 1700s and becoming big in the 1800s it has changed the lives of millions of children throughout history. Child labor first started taking hold in America where children would work 50-70 hours a week making peanut wages. Now many other countries allow child labor, which enslaves 168 million kids. In some of these countries like Bangladesh even adults are kidnapped and put into child labor-like conditions.

In Bangladesh adults are also put into labor-like conditions. In the last two months over 170 Bangladeshis have been rescued from the jungles of Thailand. A few of the rescued said how they were offered a job but when they arrived they were drugged and tied then sent on a boat to Thailand where they were forced to work in inhumane conditions with little pay. But the scary part is that most knew that they might face inhumane conditions but they were so desperate for work they were ready to face anything for a little pay. Those men were probably were working in child labor as young kids and were already used to the hazardous conditions. Maybe they escaped or were fired from their previous contactor but most aren’t that lucky.

In Middle class Bangladesh every household employs at least one maid and her children. These maids are forced to do the daily chores of that family including cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family. They earn little money, sometimes working just for basic lodging and scraps of leftover food. In some households the maids are beaten and tortured if they don’t complete their job properly and fail to complete the task they are given. In Saudi Arabia owners of maids are famous for scalding their maids with boiling water. While working some maids must even manage their kids on top of the jobs of a maid. The children are often forced to work just like their mother and take up their mother’s job when they grow older.

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