Child labor

Topics: Factory, Industrial Revolution, Factory Acts Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Children as young as six years old worked long hours in poor environments, this is child labor. The work harms children or keeps them from attending school. All around the world and including U. S., grew gaps between rich and poor in recent decades having to force millions of young children to be out of school and into work. The International Labor Organization estimates that 215 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 currently work under conditions that are considered illegal, hazardous, or extremely exploitative. Underage children work all sorts of jobs, usually because the children and their families are extremely poor. Large numbers of children work in commercial agriculture, fishing, manufacturing, mining, and domestic service. Some children work in illicit activities like the drug trade and prostitution or other traumatic activities such as serving as soldiers. Forms of child labor, including indentured servitude and child slavery, have existed throughout history. As industrialization moved workers from farms and home workshops into urban areas and factory work, children were often preferred, because factory owners viewed them as more manageable, cheaper, and less likely to strike. Growing opposition to child labor in the North caused many factories to move to the South. By then, American children worked in large numbers in mines, glass factories, textiles, agriculture, canneries, home industries, and as newsboys, messengers, bootblacks, and peddlers.

Children sometimes worked up to 19 hours a day, with only one-hour of break. This was a little bit on the extreme, but it was not common for children who worked in factories to work 12-14 hours with the same minimal breaks. They were in horrible conditions. Large, heavy, and dangerous equipment was very common for children to be using or working near. Many accidents occurred injuring or killing children on the job. The treatment of children in factories was often cruel and unusual, and the...
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