Child Labor

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Child Labor
1. Which of the following contributed most to the initial formation of political states by the Muscovite Russians and the Ottoman Turks?

2. Which of the following statements about the Manchus after the mid-1600s is accurate?

3. An important reason for China’s rapid population increase in the 17th & 18th centuries was

4. The term “samurai” describes men in feudal Japan who were most like the men in feudal Europe known as

5. Which of the following contributed most to the emergence of Russia as an expanding Eurasian power in the period between 1450 - 1750?

6. During the 18 century, which of the following reigned, but did not rule?

7. Under the Tokugawa shoguns, Japan attempted to become politically centralized, but it was actually more

8. Like other successful invaders of China, the Manchu rulers

9. The Japanese called their warriors

10. Which of the following factors did NOT lead to political unification in Japan between 1500-1800?

11. In 1592, after years of civil war, Hideyoshi

12. One of the consequences of Japanese aggression in the sixteenth century was

13. After the period of civil wars ended in Japan,

14. The main form of economic exchange in the Tokugawa Shogunate was

15. Which Japanese city emerged as one of the world's most populous centers of trade by the late 17th century?

16. The group within the Tokugawa era that weakened centralized economic policies was the

17. The term "Dutch studies" referred to

18. The Japanese response to the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits was

19. In the 1630s the Japanese government

20. Which of the following did not contribute to Tokugawa Japan's instability?

21. A ronin was

22. European visitors to Ming China in the sixteenth century were

23. What was the main reason for population decline in the rural areas of Ming China?

24. Which empire replaced the Ming Empire of China?

25. When Li Zicheng

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