Child Labor

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American International University- Bangladesh

Child labor
in Informal Job Sector in

Section: J
Semester: Fall 2010-11
Department of BBA

Submitted By:

Mostaq, Fahim 10-15442-1

Submitted To:

Buddha Dev Biswas
Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Department of Social Science

Letter of Authorization

December, 2010
Buddha Dev Biswas
Course Teacher
Basics in Social Science.
American International University- Bangladesh
Banani, Dhaka.

Subject: Submission of research report.

Dear Sir,
This is to humbly inform you that we are the students of BBA in your class in American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). First we thank our honorable course teacher Buddha Dev Biswas who gives us chance to prepare a research report in ‘Child labor in informal job sector'.

We therefore pray and hope that you would be kind enough to grant us to consider our research report.

Paul, Sumit
Prithi, Sarzana Afrin
Saha, Sajib
Mostaq, Fahim

Executive Summary


The research is focused on:

o Present situation of child labor

o Family and status of child laborers

o Housing condition of child laborers

o Education of child laborers

o Types of job they perform

o Income, savings job satisfaction

o Health problem of child laborers

o Life style and non economic activity of child laborers

Research Methods:

In our research we have selected the children of Khilkhet. We sampled 25 child laborers who are engaged in informal job sector. From those 25 children we have tried to generalize the whole condition of child labor. We made a form of data collection. We involved a questionnaire to obtain information from the respondent. We prepared closed ended questions for the collection of data.


Result of general information: in our survey we got 21 male children and 4 female children. At age limit 5-9, we got 4 children; at 10-14, we got 10 children, at 15-17, we got 11 children. 1 of 4 female is married. And all children are unmarried.

Family and status: in our survey we found most of the children have a nuclear family. 20 children have a nuclear family and 5 children live in extended family.

Housing condition: we got 3 children who live in slum. 22 children who live in rented home. None of the 25 children live in own home. We found no children who are homeless. Infect all of the children have their permanent home in their village. Most of them have an only room in their present residence. Children who live in slum they do not have any water and electricity service. And the children who live in rented home they have water and electricity service.

Education: we measured the literacy of the child laborers. We found 7 children are literate, 10 children is illiterate and 8 children who can sign their name. We discovered the reasons behind their illiteracy. All of the illiterate children show the cause of poverty. Children who are literate, they all 7 cannot cross the primary level. We found 7 children have received informal education 18 have not.

Type of jobs: 6 children are engaged in construction, 8 children are restaurant boy, 3 children are cleaner, 3 children are engaged in transportation sector and 5 children are hawker.

Income savings and job satisfaction: at income level 50-100 BDT there have 5 children. At 100-150 BDT there have 13 children and at 150->200 BDT there have 7 children. Most of the children are satisfied with their daily income. Children who are engaged in restaurant as tea boy are not satisfied with the behavior of their employer.

Health problem: children who are engaged in construction sector they are in a great threat of physical injury. Hawkers are the victim of...

Bibliography: By Shahina Amin, M. Shakil Quayes, Janet M. Rives, 2004
• Sociology, chapter-2 (sociological research) – Richard T
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