Child Hunger

Topics: United Nations, Malnutrition, World Food Programme Pages: 3 (991 words) Published: February 28, 2013
World Child Hunger
According to the World Food Program (WFP), hunger is the world’s number health risk. it kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined. We live in a world where people have billions of dollars to themselves, money that they don’t need and will never be able to finish. Yet every five second a child dies of hunger. The kids are the ones that are most affected, to think about how children go to bed hungry is disturbing. There are many reasons of hunger, but the fundamental problem is poverty. It causes a child to be unable to enjoy their rights, poor health, lack of resources, and they don’t have the full potential to participate in the society. Wikipedia defines hunger as a term to describe the social condition of people who frequently experience the physical sensation of desiring food. Hunger is also referred to as malnutrition or undernutrition. Malnutrition is the lack of enough protein, deficiency (vitamins) and food that provides energy. There are three forms undernutrition in children; Stunting, Wasting, Underweight. It is most commonly assessed through the measurement of weight and height. According to The United Nations Children's Fund (UNCIEF), approximately 195 million children less than 5 years old in the developing world, or about one in three are affected by stunting. 13% percent of children under 5 years old in the developing world are wasted while 129 million children less than 5 years old in the developing world are underweight. Many times, a child's struggle against hunger begins before he or she is born because the mother is undernourished. 7.6 million is the estimated number of childhood deaths. Asia and the Pacific region is home to over half the world’s population and nearly two thirds of the world’s hungry people. In 2006 UNICEF reported that undernutrition contributes to five million deaths of children under five each year in developing...

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