Child Health and Well Being

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The purpose of this project is how we can ensure the health and safety of children in a childcare setting. We have to consider the welfare of every child who will be under our care once we are working in Childcare. We have to follow some certain guidelines and this project will help me to outline the requirements necessary to provide for the health and well being of the children, including their protection and ensuring a safe environment for them. This project will further discuss the Health and Safety Regulations, some Legislation involved in Childcare and we have to come up with some policies and procedures.

II.Critical Evaluation of Health and Safety issues in an ECCE setting Health and Safety Awareness
As a childcare provider you have taken on sole responsibility for the safety, health, well being and development of your minded children while they are in your care. By ensuring that the childcare facility is safe and secure for children you will go a long way in avoiding the types of accidents and injuries that have the potential to be serious if not life threatening. Promoting the health and the welfare of the child requires protection from harm, provision of nutritious food, appropriate opportunities for rest and secure relationships characterized by trust and respect. I went to a childcare crèche and have given a permission to observe their facilities using the Health and Safety checklist. The checklist that I have used during the assessment is attached on the Appendices.

III.Important Headings
1.Health and Safety Regulations
Childcare, Child Health and Well being definition
Childcare is when children are supervised and cared for by a person other than a parent or caregiver. Obtaining affordable, quality child daycare, especially for children under age 5, is a major concern for many parents. Childcare can range from single-night babysitting to daily childcare for working parents. Child's health includes physical, mental and social well-being. Most parents know the basics of keeping children healthy, like offering them healthy foods, making sure they get enough sleep and exercise and insuring their safety. Well-being refers to all aspects of the physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual health and well-being of the child, which are essential foundations for early and all subsequent learning. The idea of children’s well-being is increasingly at the heart of current policy and practice in many disciplines, and ‘well-being’ is a term now used by a wide range of practitioners, researches and policy makers. Promoting the well-being of children is seen as important because it lays the foundations for adult functioning.

Important Legislation Covering Childcare Facilities
Regardless of the size of a setting, legislation and regulation plays a lead role in shaping its overall management, as well as determining how the daily activities within that setting are administered. While it remains the responsibility of each setting within early childhood care and education (ECCE) to determine its own relevant legislative and regulatory framework, up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of that framework facilities compliance. The different legislation relating to childcare are further discussed on this booklet. The Child Care Act (Department of Health and Children, 1991) and the Childcare (Pre-school Services)Regulations (Department of Health and Children, 2006) are the key pieces of legislation regarding children and childcare in Ireland, including those in childminding settings. In accordance with the 2006 Regulations, a person minding more than 3 pre-school aged children from different families is obliged to notify the HSE of their service. A pre-school child is defined as a child who is under six years of age and who is not attending a national school or a school providing education similar to a national school. A childminder should look after no more than five pre-school children including her...
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