Child Development Observation
Topics: Observation, Child development, Developmental psychology, Play / Pages: 6 (1339 words) / Published: Apr 18th, 2017

In only forty-five minutes of observing a child a significant amount can be determined about their personality and skill sets. More specifically, their physical and motor development, cognitive and language processes, social and emotional skills, and the environment they could be surrounded by outside the observation time. The development of these processes can be observed through the actions and interactions a individual does or does not have with other people. The environment of which the child I observed occurred in a controlled area with other children and teachers to play with called the Child Development Lab. The time of day was morning where they had time for free play allowing them to use toys and other objects as they wish. The …show more content…
As the brain development increases from 70% - 90% of its adult weight the body needs enough nutrition and energy to stay caught up with the process. (Ch. 8) This is why the early ages of four to five years old are the perfect habitat for brain growth. The children are high energy as the boy I observed showed more than once. The physical growth of a child includes more than just the length of their legs and the size of their hands. Moreover, it includes heredity and hormones, emotional well-being, sleep habits and problems, nutrition, infectious disease, and childhood injuries (Ch. 8). From what was observed by the little boy, he seems to be on the right track with his physical and motor development. However, when he was picking up the blocks he could not yet determine how his small arms cannot carry every big block, but that is quite normal for his stage of development. His gross-motor skills as in jumping, throwing, and skipping are smooth and easy to transition too and his fine-motor skills as in building and organizing are in the correct stage of development for his age. When it comes to cognitive development and language processing the mastering of symbolism occurs around age three. Therefore, the boy I observed is in the prime time of learning symbolism. For example, he was able to see a video camera and knew how to use it and what it was used …show more content…
9). The emotional side of the boy I observed is shown in how he acts towards one of his teachers. She gives him the attention he wants and needs and he reciprocates that through wanting to sit on her lap and playing with her hair. This could be because he doesn’t have attachment towards his mother at home or he just is an emotional boy. He was social at times, but mainly kept to himself. With both of these instances put together he could be used to having to be by himself and so he entertains himself easily and likes the attention from other woman because he doesn’t get it all from his mom. This is not a fact by any mean, just an

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