Child Development Birthing Paper

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Birthing Interviews

My name is Kimberly feusi and I interviewd two women who gave birth in different decades, one woman in 1983 and the second women in 2006, both women gave birth in the United States, Sacramento. I’m researching prenatal care, and birthing experiences, to see how times have changed and to see if some things have stayed the same. I interviewd Vickie first she gave birth on the 5th of October 1983 and her experience was different from Ann Marie who gave birth on the 5th of January 2006. Vickie was sixteen at the time of her first birthing experience and she was offered classes to show her how to care for a new baby, she took those classes, but Ann Marie was 16 too at the time of her first birthing experience and not offered any classes for her first birthing experience in 2006, but I looked up some resources and if you want to take classes for lamas class or labor and delivery and also a class to teach you about caring for a baby; you would have to ask your doctor for information regarding those classes. Vickie had prenatal vitamins throughout her pregnancy and Ann Marie had prenatal vitamins as well so that has stayed the same as times have changed. The prenatal vitamins are free and are given to you by your doctor. Vitamins are important to take during and after pregnancy, vitamins are helping the baby get certain vitamins that the mother don’t pass to the baby and it’s also good for the mother to get some of the vitamins that the baby takes from the mother.

Vickie had a simple pregnancy, she had some nausea during early pregnancy but if went away within the next couple months. Ann Marie had nausea just about the whole pregnancy and heart burn really bad the whole 9 months and Vickie no heart burn. Ann Marie said the only heart medication she could take was Tums, and Ann Marie said it didn’t work. The doctor prescribed her something else but it didn’t help at all. She stated that after child birth she had no more heart burn. She was happy that is the only thing about being pregnant that she did not enjoy at all. Prenatal visits have stayed the same during 1983 and 2006; prenatal visits are once a month until you get to the last month of your pregnancy, unless you have complications and need to be seen more often. Both parent had to have blood work done and test to make sure both baby and mother were healthy. Ann Marie had ultra sounds done at certain months and she remembers that when you are at 20 weeks most doctors can tell you what you are having, she found out she was having a girl and she got lots of pitchers of her baby girl. Prenatal visits are important and are given to you to help keep you, and the baby healthy and to follow how your baby is growing.

Vickie did not get to pick her own doctor; her doctor was picked for her. Ann Marie got to choose her doctor and get to have a tour of the hospital, and Ann Marie had a good relationship with her doctor. Some times in this decade you are not always able to pick your own doctor but most of the prenatal women have that option.

In 1983 home births weren’t offered to women but you could have a home birth if you went out on your own and picked your midwife and paid for it yourself. Doctors do not recommend home births, they frown upon home births due to the dangers of having problems and there is no medical reinforcement available right away; the book says home delivery has always been popular in certain industries nations, like England Netherlands, and Sweden, and the numbers have risen in the American women during 1970’s and 1980’s; it’s not something that was offered by doctors. Hospital deliveries have more life-saving treatments available if needed.

During labor Vickie wasn’t offered pain medication and she do not remember if it was because they just didn’t want to give it...
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