Child Development

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The Montessori method of education is one of the very unusual approaches of educating young children that has been based on the experiences and research of educator and physician Maria Montessori (1870–1952). The method basically arose from what Dr. Montessori’s discovered and named it the “the child’s normal nature” back in 1907 (Montessori, 1972). This happened during one of her experimental observations with young children who had been given the freedom they need d in an environment that was fully prepared with all the materials and was specifically designed to support their self-directed learning experiences (Montessori, 1977).

Factor generating an amazing child

Law of Will

A child’s development of will has been regarded as one of the laws of development as per Montessori’s observations. She herself has clearly indicated how she observed this development of a child’s will. When a child does any action just by himself, without having any form of assistance, this clearly signifies the fact the child is consciously making decisions. In this regard therefore, the will should be treated as a form of strength that mainly comes to the light of consciousness (Montessori, 1972). Will however is not a strength that is possessed by the child at birth; it is rather in potential. It is one of the slow processes of development that is brought into effect through continuous interactions within the surrounding environment. Since it is the nature that brings into consciousness this kind of force, the development of a child’s will helps him to greatly develop the power that he has been given by nature (Montessori, 1988).

Law of Intelligence

According to Montessori, this happens to be the key that opens the necessary mechanisms involved in true education. This law states that intelligence just helps a child to better understand life; it thus prepares a child for future education (Montessori, 1977). The Montessori thus argued that if the...
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