Child Centred Families

Topics: Family, Middle Ages, Society Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Asses the view that the modern family has become more ‘child-centred’. (24)

It is believed by many sociologists that childhood is as ‘golden age’ of happiness and innocence. The historian Ariès argues that in the Middle Age, the idea of childhood didn’t exist. children were treated as adults and Ariès argues this with help from art work, which is believed to be ‘not valid’ because paintings are not always realistic. This contrasts with the idea of schools becoming more child-centred which meant the influence that the church had at that times. Schools focused and specialised on children’s education which was slowly becoming a priority. Ariès acknowledged that this changes that were reinforced by laws such as ‘Childrens Act’ were resulting in the ‘cult of childhood’. Which meant that the world was getting obsessed with childhood. he showed that the idea of childhood was socially constructed by time and was making the world and families focusing on children.

‘Toxic Childhood’ represents the ways in which the society is destroying childhood. The lack of playing in natural surroundings a.K.a “wrapped in cotton wool” shows how parents tell their children where it is good to play and where it is bad, they do not wait for them to figure it out themselves. This reinforces the idea of parents caring too much about their children. Palmer argues that the modern family is not child-centred because of the little time spent to interact with the family. Many years ago, women hardly went to work and they stayed at home with their children, which meant spending a lot of time together. Nowadays, this is changing because many children get home and both their parents are at work (or they are single parent families so he/she is working) so they have some ‘golden time’ where they are unsupervised. This leads to the idea of childhood disappearing.

Children’s access to facilities like the internet is another general problem which is causing the destruction of childhood. They...
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